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Unique Japanese Medical Device Project 31-5-2016
Updated on May 2016
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国産医療機器・ヘルスケア機器のアジア諸国向け多角的事業展開 Unique Medical and Healthcare devices made in Japan spread out from Bangkok for whole Asia
1.Japanese SME unique medical and healthcare devices promotion to be known and used in Asia
 ・Demonstration space in Bangkok and follow-up staffs ready to keep in touch
 ・specialized in class 1 and 2 medical devices and healthcare devices
 ・Networking with hospital groups and continuous relationship management
 ・Spread out from Bangkok to whole Asia eventually
 ・Prepared for middle east base-camp.
 ・Single window for both Asian user and Japanese SME medical device makers
2.Collaborative promotion
  ・shared demonstration site
  ・shared common web-site
  ・collaborative presence in international exhibition like MEDICA
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Updated on 26 July 2016
summary Unique JMD 2016-0726.pdf
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